Isle of Winds


Fahy, J. (2015). Isle of winds. London: Venture Press. ISBN: 978-1519629777. Paperback: $7.99. Also available in e-book format.

Why does it seem like everything in Robin’s life is so strange? His gran was exceptionally odd, with all kinds of superstitions and a ridiculous collection of horseshoes. Even her death was odd. The moment it happened every horseshoe in the house came crashing down. Now he’s been sent off to live with a great aunt in the north of England. On his journey he meets a mysterious girl who appears and disappears without warning, speaking about things he’s never heard of and acting as if he should know all about them. When he get off the train he’s greeted by a corpse-like man with bright hair who gives him a distinctly unsettled feeling and appears to be afraid of his horseshoe necklace. Then when he gets to the house he sees a boy with blue skin out in the gardens, but can’t seem to find the lad when he runs out to investigate. The truth is, Robin isn’t nearly as ordinary as he thinks he is.

When his tutor arrives, Robin learns that he belongs to a race called the Fae. He’s not just an ordinary Fae either – Robin is the last of the Changelings. He is from the Netherworlde, a land of magic currently torn apart by a civil war that claimed his parents. A race called the Panthea, led by Lady Eris, have risen up and taken power, driving the Fae into hiding. Now Robin must learn the mays of magic to join the fight, as he may be the only one who can repair the magic that was broken when the King and Queen of the Fae disappeared. How can Robin, who only just learned about the Netherworlde, possibly hone his skills enough to save it? Immerse yourself in this detailed fantasy to find out.

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