Welcome to my book blog!

About Me: Hi! I’m Amanda Kirby. I’m a librarian-in-training in the St. Louis, MO area. My interests include crocheting, baking (that’s a scone in the picture), movies, video games (the Zelda series is my favorite), traveling, tea, reading (of course!), and all things British.

About the Blog: This blog was inspired by a project for one of my Library Science classes – Resources for Young Adults. The focus is on young adult fiction, with the occasional nonfiction thrown in. I’ll write up reviews, booktalks, record my opinions, and pull together resources about the books. You may see quite a bit of my own interests reflected in the choices (hint: I’m really into fantasy), but I’ll try to keep you on your toes! Enjoy the blog, and always feel free to write me a comment and let me know what you think!


Why teens like reading and fantasy:

“Fantasy gets me out of my head and into another world. It’s my escape.” – Victoria, 18

“Reading is an adventure, without leaving your home.” – Emma, 13

“Reading fantasy books allows you to learn without there being deadlines or causing stress like the rest of education.” – Megan, 18

“Reading is my escape from reality.” – Tori, 15

“Reading gives me the ability to see the world (or other worlds) from someone else’s point of view.” – Kari, 16

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