The Siren

Cass, K. (2016). The siren. New York: HarperTeen. ISBN: 978-0062391995. Hardcover: $18.99. Also available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook format.

Sirens of the ancient world were beautiful maidens, luring sailors to their doom in the depths of the ocean. Were these sirens evil, or just doing their duty? In The Siren, Kiera Cass imagines the life of sirens in the modern world.

According to records, Kahlen died in the 1940s. The truth is more complicated. As the waves overtook her that night, Kahlen cried out for another chance, and suddenly was surrounded by beautiful girls. They told her the Ocean could offer her life. 100 years of service frozen as a young girl, then she’ll be released to finish her life, but without any memories of her former years. They only catch is that the Ocean needs souls to survive, so once a year they must sing and people must die. Kahlen takes the deal and begins her life as a siren.

It’s a lonely life. The siren sisters cannot speak to humans, as their voices are a deadly trap for mortals. They are forbidden from revealing what they are, and can’t even stay in one place for long since they never age. With her sisters and the Ocean as company though, Kahlen hasn’t minded the solitude. That is, until she meets the easygoing and irresistible Akinli. The Ocean would punish Kahlen if She knew the attraction growing in her heart, but Kahlen wants this more than anything before. How can a siren and a fisherman fall in love without tragedy?

Take a look at the book trailer from the publisher:

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