Wilkinson, L. (2009). Pink. New York: HarperTeen. ISBN: 978-0061926532. Hardcover: $16.99. Also available in paperback and e-book format.
Winner of the American Library Association Stonewall Award Honor

For Ava, Billy Hughes School for Academic Excellence is more than just a change of scene. It’s a chance to start over and discover who she really wants to be. Her ultra-progressive parents (whom she calls Pat and David) have always frowned on anything “mainstream”, and her girlfriend Chloe absolutely despises anything that fits in the norm. But Ava isn’t sure she wants to keep moving against the trend. She’s not even sure she doesn’t want to date boys, and she’d like to find out.

The move to Billy Hughes could be Ava’s opportunity to remake herself and finally feel like she fits in. But when her audition for the school musical falls flat and she finds herself in stage crew, things start to go awry. Ava’s double life is dangerously close to unraveling at both ends, and she still has to figure out who exactly she wants to be. Perhaps she should go back to wearing black. Perhaps she’s better off in Pink. Perhaps she needs a little bit of both.

Watch the author explain the book herself:

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