Thirteen Reasons Why


Asher, J. (2007). Thirteen Reasons Why. New York: Penguin. ISBN: 978-1595141712. Hardcover: $17.99. Also available in paperback, audiobook, and e-book format.
Named one of the “Best Books for Young Adults” by the Young Adult Library Services Association

Clay wasn’t expecting to find a package on his doorstep when he got home from school, but what he really didn’t see coming was what was inside: 7 cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, the girl who committed suicide two weeks ago. On these tapes are Hannah’s story: events that most of her classmates knew about, finally heard from her perspective. These events, and the people involved, are what Hannah believes led her to end her life.

But what does that have to do with Clay? Each side of Hannah’s tapes deals with a specific person that she believes played a role in her death, but Clay was kind to her. In fact, he loved her, but never had the courage to tell her. As Clay listens to the tapes, captivated by her story but dreading the moment when he hears his own name, he learns just how much our actions affect others. Bonded by the life and death of one girl, the people in the tapes learn that small acts of kindness and understanding may have broken the cycle of Hannah’s Thirteen Reasons Why.

“I cried after reading this book. I truly believe every teenager in schools should read it.” – Emily, 21

Jay Asher did an interview about the book:

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