Review: Forever…


Blume, J. (1975). Forever… New York: Bradbury Press. ISBN: 978-1481414432. Paperback $10.99. Also available in hardcover and e-book format.

Winner of the 1996 ALA Margaret Edwards Award for Outstanding Young Adult Literature

At a New Year’s Eve party during her senior of high school, Katherine meets Michael and immediately feels drawn to him. As college looms in the near future, Katherine and Michael grow closer to each other and try to figure out how they will continue their relationship when they move to colleges in different states. Katherine discovers what it’s like to be in love – a love so strong that it leads to her first sexual experience. But when summer comes and Katherine takes a job at summer camp, her attraction to another boy causes her to question her understanding of love, attraction, and the meaning of forever.

Originally published in 1975, Forever… was one of the first YA novels to openly discuss sensitive topics like sex, drug use, depression, and suicide. The book addresses teen love from a unique perspective; Blume portrays Katherine and Michael’s relationship with much more respect than teen relationships usually get. Unfortunately that seriousness is undermined by Katherine’s fickleness later in the story. Still, it’s a good exploration of young love and commitment, and may be useful in exploring sexuality. Since the sexual content is so graphic, this book is best for more mature teens.

See Judy Blume’s comments about the book on her website:

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